AAA Bar and Catering Services

Bar and Catering Equipment


Suppliers of Glasswasher, Dishwasher,
ice Machines & Refrigeration


A local company servicing the local Pubs, Clubs,
Restaurants, Café’s and Care Homes of East Kent

AAA have experience and knowledge of most commercial
catering equipment

From day one AAA has specialised in renting
quality equipment from DC, Hoshizaki and Williams recognising
that that quality is key in rented equipment.

Break downs are attended usually
within 24 hours (Not including weekends)

Everything from a Glasswasher to a complete
commercial kitchen

AAA will show you how the machine operates
and be given full maintenance advise.

For over 5 years we have been servicing
and repairing equipment where possible.

A unique range of ice makers designed
with hygiene as a priority.



AAA Bar and Catering Services

19 Rowes Yard

Invicta Way



CT12 5FA


Tel: (01843) 310071

Mob: 07553 941206