The Power of Networking


Thanet Premier Business Group is a select group of businesses aiming to serve the local community of Thanet.

Our businesses thrive using the powerful tool of networking, and are always looking for superb reputable businesses to join our group to enhance their own growth as well as ours.


Why Network?


Good networkers achieve great results, because it’s a personal form of communication, and people still buy from people first.

Networking enables you to amongst other things:

  • Gain trust
  • Engage with different businesses
  • Deepen key relationships
  • Gain peer support which is especially useful for sole traders
  • Break into new markets
  • Deepen your knowledge of your customers

Networking is not another word for selling, it can lead to a sale but the only thing you have to sell in the first instance is YOU.


Networking Tips


Build relationships: It maybe a cliché that business is based on trust, but it is true. Successful networking takes time. Once people begin to trust you they will start to use your products and services and to recommend you to others.

Be relevant: Your one minute is not the forum to share your life story or your political views. People want to know what you do, and why they should use you rather than anyone else.

Be Concise: You have one minute to speak about your business. Taking more than a minute is a waste of your time and other peoples. Long rambling speeches only bore other people who stop listening to you.

Be Interesting: If you want people to pay attention you have to tell them something new. Rather than tell everyone how busy you are, you should try to tell your audience something useful. Try giving  people helpful tips or news from your industry, for example.

Exchange contact details: Make sure you have a generous supply of business cards. It sounds obvious, but once you have made a connection with someone you should always swap business cards so you can stay in touch.

Become an ambassador for others: One of the great benefits of networking is not that you will necessarily sell to fellow networkers, but that they will recommend your products and services to others on your behalf. Once you have built up trust, you will start to do the same for other members of the group.

Learn from others: There is a wealth of knowledge in any networking group. Most entrepreneurs will have faced similar challenges to you. It is always worth listening to how other people have tackled a variety of situations, plus it is sometimes reassuring to know that you are not alone.

Have fun: Networking is great fun. So make sure that you enjoy yourself. The more relaxed and sociable you are the more people you will meet.



Visit our Group and be Welcomed into the Networking fold.


Thanet Premier Business Group is a non profit organisation and exists solely for the benefit of its members.  Membership is strictly by invitation, should you wish to attend as a guest. We meet weekly at Quex Barn, Birchington. Please contact us using the contact form provided. Membership is restricted to one member of each trade or profession.